About ConsBEERacy

Craft beer is in the midst of a cultural renaissance! More and more breweries all over America and the world are rediscovering old recipes, innovating new brews, and generally making it pretty awesome to be a beer drinker. But faced with case after case of amazing looking 22oz bottles, how can you possibly hope to choose? More to the point, can you manage to simply enjoy a wide range of beers without monologuing about hop strains and advanced home brewing techniques?

Meanwhile, there are dark tendrils that creep through the minds of every soul during the witching hour. Shadows that move just out of your range of vision. The inexorably feeling of someone watching you. Forces beyond the understanding of most people manipulate global events for incomprehensible reasons, whole governments rendered naught but puppets for their masters to toy with. Mysterious creatures lurk in pocket dimensions and watch us from the stars, biding their time until the appointed moment.

Your hosts Conor, Jake, and Dan are fighting these forces, fighting them with all the tools at their disposal. As a result, their bank accounts have been hacked, their houses bugged, loved ones followed, their movement tracked by unknown agents. Yet they persist, because they understand the importance of their mission: To talk about beer and conspiracies in a single podcast in the hopes that the TRUTH will dismantle a modicum of the programming that permeates our noosphere. It’s a tough job, but the beer helps.

Somewhere at the bottom of a brown glass bottle is a place— one that is safe from all of the terrors mentioned above. That’s where we record ConsBEERacy. There’s a lot of reverb in there, but it’s nothing the sound guy can’t fix in post.

Join us—because if you’re not one us, you’re one of them.

About The Hosts

Conor Izzett

A veteran writer of the comedy stage, Conor has now wisely turned his attention to debunking the nonsense ramblings of crazy people whom nobody was listening to anyway. Thanks to Lisa Simpson, he stands firmly atop the edge of Occam’s Razor, but longs for the incredible to become the undeniable.

Current favorite beer: Red Tail Ale, Mendocino Brewing Company

    Dan Steinbacher

      Dan was a weird kid. You know the kind. He was one of those. He read about aliens and ghosts and saw weird stuff at night sometimes. As an adult, he drinks delicious craft beer to dull these unpleasant memories, and lends a wide breadth of esoteric and occult knowledge to the podcast. A strict regimen of drugs and alcohol have kept his mind limber, and there are few things he doesn’t believe in.

      Current favorite beer: Grapefruit Sculpin IPA, Ballast Point Brewing Co.

        Jake Murray

          Always looking up at the stars, wondering wonderfully at what lies out there, Jake’s been fixated on the probable and possible since an early age. Skeptical, but open to the fantastical. A constant dreamer, musician, writer & fan of all things Red Ales, conspiracies, myths and legends.

          Current favorite beer: Double Mountain Killer Red Ale.